Since I was a kid, I knew I was an artist. It was the thing that made me the happiest. I spent hours drawing as I grew up. I then created Hard Way Studios with my cousin to create our own comics. Made it into the top Indy books of 2007 with Morbid Myths. Then I became a freelancer, working on comics, such as Scout Comics, Stabbity Bunny, card game art such as Overworld’s Good Cop Bad Cop, as well as character design for various projects, such as Frenemy Studios, Zombot.

It was once I had the opportunity to really character design for animation that my passion really took off. Since then I have been freelancing as a character designer. Getting to work with studio vets to develop characters and styles for new projects. I have really found my place in the artist world. And I hope someday I can bring that magic to your project!

When not doing art, I enjoy spending time with the love of my life, reading watching cartoons and movies. (I LOVE horror!) I also love to cook. Especially hamburgers!

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